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Jun 13, 2020
April 3, 2024
Dharmendar Mothe
3 min read

i-payout’s FACILITEERS Get Rave Reviews From Mannatech

i-payout, the world’s leading provider of customized SaaS software for global disbursement related payment management solutions for international companies does it again.
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Fort Lauderdale, FL – July 13, 2020

i-payout, the world’s leading provider of customized SaaS software for global disbursement related payment management solutions for international companies does it again. i-payout’s new client onboarding team, The FACILITEERS, just got another rave review. This team of project facilitators took just one week to make its latest client fully integrated and operational on the i-payout international payment platform. Eddie Gonzalez, i-payout’s C.E.O talked about his FACILITEERS during an interview with Ted Nuyten, C.E.O at the Business For Home Foundation. Here are some excerpts.

The FACILITEERS: A Get-It-Done-Now Team of Onboarding Facilitators.
“The FACILITEER team has a representative from each of our departments. In all cases they are high-achievers and they follow written protocols for onboarding a new client successfully and rapidly”, said Mr. Gonzalez. “Our onboarding process follows many of the  principles outlined in four domains as they’re defined by the Project Management Institute: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling and Closing. It’s a very thorough and detailed approach.”

“I understand that the onboarding of Mannatech” (a publicly traded company that produces and sells premium, wellness and personal care products on four continents) ”took place recently and that the process went exceedingly well ”, noted Mr. Nuyten, “and that  Mannatech was highly complimentary about it?”

Senior Project Manager at Mannatech, Tammy Gilbert, had this to say about the onboarding process with i-payout in a recent eMail to Mr. Gonzalez, ”Working with vendors is not always easy.  But I have to say that working with your team has been awesome.  They are professional, responsive and helpful whenever I need anything.  During the set-up period I was never told “no” by your team.” Ms. Gilbert went on to say, “ i-payout’s platform is very user friendly to the end user and the Management the Console is very intuitive. And i-payout provided clear documentation to assist Mannatech with communicating and training the field”

As this release was being prepared the FACILITEERS were, once again, ramping-up to onboard a new client. “It’s all going to go according to plan” Mr. Gonzalez commented, “exactly the way it’s supposed to.”

About i-payout

i-payout is a leading financial software company that facilities global payments for its clients and provides related payment management services in over 180 countries. The Company supports a diverse group of verticals including  gig networks, insurance companies, eSports, royalties, marketplaces, clinical trials, direct sellers, and more.  With its headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, i-payout, now in its 14th year of operation, is recognized for its endlessly adaptable software platform that enables the Company to fully customize payment solutions to the specific needs of each client.
The Company was founded in 2007 by Edwin Gonzalez, President & C.E.O.. Mr. Gonzalez has held leadership roles within the financial software industry for over 20 years.  At i-payout, he collaborates with a highly accomplished group of fintech professionals.  Many of which have decades of experience in the fintech space.