The i-payout eWallet delivers a time proven and robust platform to process pay-in and payout transactions for merchants worldwide.

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What is eWallet?

eWallet is a convenient, easy-to-use, secure global payment system. Think of it as your flexible “personal banking system” with a number of payout and pay-in options. I-Payout’s eWallet uses the latest security systems to ensure eWallet security.

Benefits of using an eWallet

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Send and receive payments anywhere in the world

  • Unlimited transfers
  • Easy recurring payments and transfers
  • Account management from your mobile phone
  • Security for your bank account and credit card numbers
  • Email or SMS notifications after transactions
  • You are in complete control
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Receive Funds into Your eWallet

  • Fast access to your payments / commissions.
  • Pull money into your eWallet from any bank account.
  • Receive wired funds/transfers directly into your eWallet.
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Send Funds Using Your eWallet

  • To any bank account worldwide
  • To prepaid debit cards
  • To credit and debit cards
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You Can Also

  • Transfer money from eWallet to eWallet without sharing personal account numbers
  • Request paper commission checks
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24/7 Multi-Language Support

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • And others

Making Global Business Happen for You.

As your money logistics company, we keep you organized and in control with flexible and easy-to-use eWallet solutions.

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