API Documentation

Here you can find API documentation for different services that i-payout offers to its clients. Please contact i-payout for more details or custom solutions.

eWallet API integration guide v5.1

Main eWallet API

eWallet API integration guide v5.1.pdf - 890 kb

I-Payout eWallet webService v 4.10

A full eWallet API document for extended functionality.

I-Payout eWallet webService v 4.10.pdf - 1257 kb

PHP JSON Examples

PHP - JSON Adapter examples of how to use eWallet API.

PHP_JSON_Examples.zip - 4 kb

.NET JSON Adapter Examples

C# - JSON Adapter examples of how to use eWallet API.

.NET_JSON_Adapter_Examples.zip - 6 kb

PHP Examples

PHP - HTTP Adapter examples of how to use eWallet API.

PHP_Examples.zip - 4 kb

SuperNova API v 1.13

Stand alone API for ACH, EFT, wires, check writing, and multi-gateway credit card processing.

SuperNova API v 1.13.pdf - 1287 kb

eWallet SolidTrustPay Guide

Integration details on how to link third party into eWallet to accept payment via STP and withdraw funds to STP.

eWallet SolidTrustPay Guide.pdf - 360 kb

Authorize.net API Setup

How to obtain Authorize.NET API Login ID and Transaction Key for credit card processing.

Authorize.net API Setup.pdf - 508 kb